From its headquarters in Limassol, Cyprus, EDT Offshore has established itself as a key player in the Eastern Mediterranean, with an additional physical presence in Greece, Israel and Egypt.

Established in 1980, this family-owned company operated in the cargo, towage and salvage sectors. Over time, EDT aggressively pursued a diversification policy that initially saw the company enter the oil and gas market, in which it continues to provide highly specialist and support vessels and shore-based infrastructure.

Further diversification efforts followed, ultimately leading to the company’s impressive current portfolio of services. EDT’s clients benefit from a flexible, advanced fleet, as well as ship agency logistics and operations; ship repair facilities catering to both the commercial and luxury yacht markets with its dry dock facility; ship agency operations; oil and gas field support services; and its unique aviation arm in Paphos, Cyprus, which operates hangarage facilities and handling services.

What We Offer

The time-served combination of skill, knowledge, equipment and infrastructure means that EDT is uniquely placed to deliver the right solution for any offshore project.

• Vessel Ownership: EDT boasts an impressive fleet of vessels, including DPI and DPII Multi-Purpose, DPI Fast Crew Supply, Offshore Survey Support Vessels, Anchor Handing Tugs, Dredgers and a Landing Craft, to name a few. Its commitment to modernisation ensures that its fleet is environmentally compliant and technologically advanced, guaranteeing efficiency and reliability.

• Technical Management: The technical management of vessels demands precision, and EDT rises to the occasion with a dedicated team of experts. Its technical team covers maintenance, repair, and compliance, ensuring the vessels are seaworthy and compliant with international regulations.

• Commercial Management: Managing the commercial aspects of a vessel requires a deep understanding of market dynamics and industry trends. EDT excels in this area, optimising chartering and commercial operations to maximise profitability.

• Dry-Docking: EDT’s strategic location facilitates easy access for ship owners and operators across the Mediterranean and beyond. This advantageous positioning and commitment to safety, sustainability and quality have solidified its reputation as a premier choice for dry dock services, contributing significantly to the region’s maritime ecosystem.

• Ship Agency & Logistics: EDT has earned its reputation as a premier ship agency and logistics service provider. The company has consistently demonstrated its competence and dedication in meeting the diverse needs of the shipping industry. Ship owners and operators trust EDT to seamlessly manage their portcalls, ensuring a hassle-free experience from arrival to departure.

• Marine Construction: EDT is a trusted provider of marine construction services, delivering top-notch solutions for projects of all sizes and complexities. With a rich history of successful projects spanning coastal developments, port infrastructure and underwater engineering, EDT has established itself as a go-to partner for clients seeking excellence in maritime construction. From pier and dock installations to coastal erosion prevention, the company’s dedication to precision and safety ensures that each project is executed seamlessly.

• Offshore Bunkering & Trading: With years of experience in bunker trading, EDT has established itself as a reliable partner in the maritime industry. Its extensive network, market knowledge and commitment to quality ensure that clients receive efficient and cost-effective fuel supply solutions while adhering to the highest safety and environmental standards.

• Aircraft Hangar & Handling Services: With a commitment to excellence and a track record of reliability, EDT has earned a stellar reputation among aviation enthusiasts and professionals alike. Its state-of-the-art hangar facilities, strategically located in Paphos, offer secure and climate-controlled storage solutions for various aircraft. Beyond hangarage, EDT’s expert team boasts a wealth of knowledge and experience in aircraft handling, ensuring seamless and efficient operations.

EDT’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Its dedication to excellence, innovation, sustainability and safety has made it a beacon of reliability in the maritime industry. As it continues to navigate the ever-changing tides of the maritime world, EDT remains unwavering in its commitment to upholding the highest standards and shaping the future of the maritime services industry.

Our company motto, “One Group, Diverse Services”, reflects our commitment to offering a wide range of services, while fostering unity and synergy within the Group.