Co-organising Cyprus' 1st World Freediving Championship

Co-organising Cyprus' 1st World Freediving Championship

In 2015, for the first time in the event’s history, the AIDA Individual Depth World Championship in freediving, was held in Cyprus with EDT Offshore providing some of its vessels and a specially-modified 500m2 barge to co-host the event.

Over 150 competitive free divers and their support teams came to Limassol, which was selected by AIDA officials ahead of Kalamata in Greece and other venues in the Caribbean.

The region’s favourable weather conditions with its clean, warm waters and the famous Lady Thetis, Constantis and the Zenovia wreck-dives helped make Cyprus the ideal location for the event.

The Cypriot freediving school ‘Free2Dive’ was assigned to organise the event which was also supported by AIDA Cyprus, the Limassol Municipality and the Cyprus Tourism Organisation.